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West River production series past CE certification

Since the first time past the European Union CE Certification in 2007, our company has made some changes in accordance with CE Certification, now once again we handed in our application of CE certification and get past. So our whole series of productions past an important safety certification again, this means West River get the entrance into the market of European Union and the European Free Trade Association countries, and our quality has been on a high stage, it’s a great step to open the foreign market.
CE Certification is a serious production standard in safety, hygiene, environment-protection, made by European Union. “CE” is a sign of safety certification, it means our productions get past the related assessment project, it’s regarded as the passport for manufacturer to enter and open the European market, to achieve production freely flow in European Union countries.
The past of “CE” certification embodies idea of West River operation and management. It means we are approved in the world for the reliability, stability, safety and customer protection of our productions, it’s also an powerful approval for our works to follow ISO9000 quality management series and European standard.